• Tea Tree & Herb Shampoo


Tea Tree & Herb Shampoo




A wonderful natural clarifying shampoo made with organic coconut oil, herbs and antibacterial, antifungal organic tea tree oil. It will leave your hair soft and shiny with natural vitality. Our customers have had particularly good results with Tea Tree Shampoo on flaky scalps. It can also help to balance greasy hair.

We make our Tea Tree Shampoo with a mild cleansing agent (made from corn sugar) and plant-derived conditioners. Many people find they do not need a separate conditioner with this shampoo. - The gentle detergent cleanses effectively but does not dry the scalp and the botanical conditioning ingredients replenish goodness to the hair and scalp.  Our shampoo is free from sulphates (SLeS, ALS and SLS), salt / sodium chloride, artificial preservatives, artificial fragrance etc.  


  • Flake-fighting tea tree
  • Strengthening horsetail
  • Reparative aloe vera juice
  • Conditioning vitamin-rich coconut oil
  • Biodynamic nettle for scalp health
  • Shine-promoting rosemary


  • 100% natural origin, 70% organic
  • Suitable for Vegans.
  • pH 5.5 - balanced to that of the skin.
  • Recyclable packaging (100% recycled UK-made bottle)

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