• Martina Gebhardt Happy Aging Trial Kit

Martina Gebhardt

Martina Gebhardt Happy Aging Trial Kit




Incredible Skincare for Mature Skin, 40+. The Happy Aging skin system regenerates, intensively moisturises, and protects the skin against damaging environmental effects, leaving it strengthened, elastic, vitalised and naturally balanced.

Anti-Aging? No, Happy Aging! The power of regeneration exists within each of us. It can be harnessed when we learn to accept ourselves the way we are. ‘Anti’ means resistance, resisting oneself and one’s own abilities to regenerate. This line protects the skin against environmental stresses, and strengthens the skin’s elasticity and vitality. The Happy Aging Trail Kit is perfectly proportioned for travelling, and makes the perfect gift.

1 x Happy Aging Cream 15 ml
1 x Happy Aging Lotion 30 ml
1 x Happy Aging Tonic 30 ml
1 x Happy Aging Cleanser 30 ml

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