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Aethic Sôvée Spf 15





From a citrusy mellow undertone to it's whipped butter like glide across the skin, this product provides protection from the sun in a truly royal fashion. The sleek and seductive little bottle allows you to save the world, little by little from the comfort of your own body! So you can protect your skin from the suns rays but also enjoy it's organically anti-oxidising qualities, acting as a second skin through its active and energising ingredients.  

With our skin being our largest organ, surely we should spend more time caring for it? It's worth looking after not only from within, but through the potions and lotions we so willingly apply to the outside. Not only does Aethic Sôvée provide just that, but it nourishes and moisturises. Sôvée is the only sunscreen in the world to have a patented eco-compatible formula. From 'Going green' came 'Going Blue too', the worlds first Marine positive sun lotion. It took Aethetic Sôvée two years to develop and test a cream that is not only a superb, safer and softer option for your skin, but for the ocean too!

Who said there's no such thing as a beautiful and divine eco-warrior?




Your skin is your largest organ. It’s worth looking after from within, with a good diet, and from the outside by protecting it from daily life and the sun’s harmful rays, by keeping it nourished.

Aethic Sôvée has the most photostable sun filters – anywhere. It has organic moisturisers. It contains a skin anti-oxidant. We developed this formula to treat your skin like royalty. And nature will love you for it as well.

Spf 15 150ml

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