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From Mel in Hampshire

“I have discovered some fabulous organic products sourced by The Ethical Hedonist, which I would never have come across by myself and which I continue to use: Odylique Rose Day Cream (which I actually use at night, it smells so lovely it helps me sleep and my skin has  never felt better); Pukka Ayurvedic remedies which I have purchased on the recommendation of Alison Jane, the editor, after consultation with the Pukka Herbalist, so a really personal customer service. I bought Ashwaganda (takes the edge off stress and anxiety) and Triphala (this has healed my son’s digestive disorders after his gut being damaged by antibiotics). I'm really impressed.  I also purchased my beautiful organic, fair-trade silk pillowcase which keeps me cool and my hair shiny.  This is definitely an ethical magazine that takes great care to showcase some very credible, authentic and beautiful sustainable products.”

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